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Published on Thursday May 19th, 2016
Lespard Try&Go Stheels 7

Lespard is not an unknown brand for you I hope! We already introduced it to you into several former outfits. You don’t remember? It’s over there, but also here et there.

Let me explain you, Lespard is a french brand specialized into casual chic outfits. Since 2014 the brand is invading your closet with colorful patterns and qualitative fabrics. But fashion is also about experience so they’ve decided to launch their own premium delivery service called Try at Home. Thanks to this system you can order products and only pay while you’ve tried them and returned the unwished products. For Parisian girls your delivery will come the day you order or the upcoming one. You can keep the outfits for 3 days before returning the pieces you don’t wish to keep. Already in love with the concept? You can order you favorite piece on Lespard website!

For my outfit I’ve selected the dress called Candelaria. It was love at first sight due to its fitted shape. I’m also obsessed with wrap-over tops for the more feminine touch it can give to your outfit. Long sleeves are a strategic choice and you can be sure that I do not regret it due to the current weather. This dress is ideal for mid-season periods. For the patterns and the color it’s just perfect for tanned skin such as mine (thanks to Saint Barthelemy).

To accessorize the dress I’ve done it really simply with a pair of L.K. Bennett shoes. It’s a safe bet for women who love wearing high heels. Did you know that it’s the favorite brand of Kate Middelton? And if you’re not found of high heels you can easily select a pair of sandals, just be sure of the color you select matches.

Lespard Try&Go Stheels 9

Lespard Try&Go Stheels 12

Lespard Try&Go Stheels 3

Lespard Try&Go Stheels 11

Lespard Try&Go Stheels 1

Lespard Try&Go Stheels 2

Lespard Try&Go Stheels 5

Lespard Try&Go Stheels 10

Lespard Try&Go Stheels 4

Lespard Try&Go Stheels 6

Lespard Try&Go Stheels 1

Lespard Try&Go Stheels 8

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