The perfect jean !

Published on Wednesday July 19th, 2017
temps des cerises

The basic denim to have in our wardrobe

We always need the good jean we can wear with any tops ! This jean which suits us even when we have some more kilos, or when we don’t have idea to get dressed, or when we only have 5 minutes left to get dressed.

TimeZone Maude 3

TimeZone Maude 1

TimeZone Maude 2

For Maud: It’s a jean from the brand Timezone ! Classic but efficient, this jean is not made of one only color. The shape, rather straight, you can wear it with a pair of heels and some sneakers. I tend to wear it with a white simple tee shirt and my pair of Flyknit Racer from Nike. A little bit of lipstick and let’s go for a day full of meetings !

Allison Timezone 1

Allison Timezone 2

For Allison : I have chosen to introduce the little perfect jean from the brand TimeZone, because for me, it’s the real basic of a wardrobe ! I like it straight, but slightly opened in the end of the jean. If you visit the brand the brand website, you’ll find a lot of very cool denim, and for very cheap ! If, just like me, you like to change your outfits very often, you’ll love the small prices from Timezone ! This black jean, I wear it with heels to appear taller and thinner.

The jeans for a nice butt

Allison Temps des Cerises 2

Allison Temps des Cerises 1

I have always wanted to try the “bottom up” jeans which make you a nice butt and shape in general, but I never dared. The result on this Temps des Cerises jean is very convincing because it’s really natural, and the jean is soooo comfy to wear ! I have chosen a basic denim color, but you’ll find other colors on the website. You can definitely choose the one which looks like you !

These jeans for a nice silhouette

Temps des cerises Maude 3

Temps des cerises Maude 2

Temps des cerises Maude 1

To me, there’s a huge difference between the jeans tight and the jeans which make a nice silhouette. The first sticks to our skin, but is not so comfy. The second one is rather elastic, flexible, and close to the body at the same time. There are two very different sensations ! I have chosen the shape Ultra Power from the brand Temps des Cerises because it’s a good in between for the tight jean and the feminine one. I have also chosen a pair of heels to complete the outfit, and a pullover to face the parisian storm…

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