Published on Sunday July 29th, 2018
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If someone told me one day that I would write an article on a pair of running! I spent more time reading opinion reviews than giving them. And it’s not my little sales experience in this market that will make my opinion that of an expert.

But New Balance entrusted me with his last pair of 890 V6 to restart running after the Étape du Tour and I couldn’t miss this opportunity to share my feelings.


I have always run on two brands; Nike and Asics. By conviction for the quality of the products, out of fear of being disappointed, or even worse, hurt by other brands or models that wouldn’t suit me. I had to use a dozen Pegasus and as many Vomero, not to mention the Nimbus.

This year, for the first time, I adapted my shoes to my marathon preparation. That is, a pair of Pegasus 35 for track training, and a pair of Vomero for long distance.

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Not insignificant advantage, we use less quickly his shoes!

NB 890 for what type of practice?

I had the opportunity to do some training with the New Balance team on Tuesday evenings. I especially had talk with the coach, Philipe, who beyond taking pictures at our best of us and especially the best of our redness, allowed me to learn a lot about these NB 890 V6.

This pair with universal cushioning, is a shoe cut for long distance with its drop of 6mm. If we must remember two specificities, it’s the specifics of its cushioning named REVlite and its TPU band on the front of the feet.

Behind this technical vocabulary I remember especially that the cushioning is light and that the rebound phase in the front of the feet is supposed to increase the feeling of speed.

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My opinion

With these explanations, I start the test in real situations with a first output of 10km. The first stride sensations are completely different from my old friend comma. The shoe is wide, the shoe, as promised, very light.

In the end, however, I feel the cushioning as a bit stiffer than a pair of Nike or Asdics. For those who know, it’s the same feeling as on a pair of Mizuno.

In the end, I am delighted with this discovery! Even if the cushioning changes a lot, I have no apparent pain. It’s official the NB 890 V6 are selected for my next goal running. Long distance of course!

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