SLIM MASSAGE COACH, new revolution thinness of Elancyl!

Published on Friday November 17th, 2017
Slim Coach Massage

The Stheels team was lucky to attend the conference Elancyl for the launch of their new product, Slim Massage Coach. You doubtless have to know the indisputable method thinness Elancyl, created for almost 50 years by Mr. Fabre. This inescapable mark in the fight against the cellulite does not stop improving their products to satisfy us.

With this new product create to fight the cellulite by means of a massing device reproducing the movements of the famous feel & run. Elancyl innovates and adapts himself to the generation of connected objects. Indeed, Slim Massage Coach is a device in the shape of pebble. Its ergonomics was thought to be in the natural continuation of the hand.

Its design adapts itself to all the forms of the hand and joins perfectly with the Concentrated Frost Thinness in the extract of ivy and enriched in caffeine. Yes yes, you read it correct!

This small object needs to be connected from to our smartphones and holds its own small reservoir containing the concentrated frost thinness. It spreads by a simple small pressure.

This small device of massage was designed to be used under the shower for some more of practicality. Even more hardly, a small bright diode integrated into the pebble informs us about the quality of the made gesture!

After connecting to our screens smartphone allows to see directly (live) the evolution of our cure slimmer. Furthermore, the application supplied with the message of encouragement for his/her use but not only! It also allows you to follow your levels with regards to (compared with) the fixed objectives. It proposes physical exercises, light recipes or just advice (councils), beauty…

The cure Slim massage coach comes true on 28 days minimum to notice convincing results. It applies to all the circumference of legs, buttocks, stomach and arms.

Very easy to use, only 3 minutes a day under the shower is enough.

What are the advantages of this revolutionary product?

There are many advantages for this product:-

At first it favors the elimination of lipids thanks to the concentrated frost (gel) thinness and activates the micro-traffic (micro-circulation) via the massage realized by small supple (flexible), sensible rubber teeth to reproduce the movements of a traditional massage to feel (get) to run (drive).

Its simplicity and its user-friendliness is without equal; their currency(slogan) ” Less constraint for more pleasure “!

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