Santorini City Guide

Santorin • Published on Tuesday August 29th, 2017

Santorin City Guide 

Where to go ? What to see ? What to do in Santorin ? After 1 week in this paradise island of Greece, I would like to share with you my absolute crushes!
Where to see a nice sunset ?
Catch Bar : to see the best sunset, there is no doubt : it’s in Oia (at the top of the island) that you have to be ! The catch bar is the perfect atmosphere for a drink or a nice dinner. If you don’t want to miss the sunset, and to have a good sit, one advice : reserve !

Oia Gefsis : we stay in Oia for one of the best memories of my trip ! On top of having the best Oia sunset, you eat definitely well there ! Just to let you know, I have chosen the meat brochettes, grilled with wood fire… delicious !


Where to eat greek food ? 
Karvounaki : the little fast (but good!) food in the heart of Fira ! Pita Gyros with chicken for barely 3 euros… a traditional moment to live!

Pelican Kipos : a hidden paradise far from the Fira noise and the tourists. But just in the center ! If you dream about eating the best greek food in a garden atmosphere, this place is for you !



Where to have a drink ? 
Koo Club : the place to be and to have a drink in an open air place, and to keep on all night long !

PK Cocktail Bar : the little space in Fira, and the most romantic place ! This place does not offer food, but you’ll see the perfect view the time of a drink, or two !



Where to tan ? 
I strongly advise you to choose a hotel with a pool. The beaches are not really the best parts of Santorin (volcanic beaches : black sand…) even if you have to see them ! It’s always nice to wake up slowly, to have a breakfast, to tan and to swim for 2h or 3h before visiting the island. For the neighborhoods next to the sea (like Kamari), just keep in mind that if you have lunch at the restaurant, you’ll necessarily have the tanning beds with it !

Where to see the best views in Santorini ?  
V lounge Cafe and Cocktail bar : a breathtaking view of Fira! You’ll find amazing cocktails, a nice and musical atmosphere, tapas, and a nice evening !

In the end of the little streets in Fira or Oia, simple walking through the city. The views are really everywhere in Santorini, and you’ll need to take a picture of everything!

Your hotel or the tourist check point will advise you some cruises of 3h around the islands and to visit the volcano which is 30 min away from Santorini with the boat. An advice : do it ! I do not recommend to stay all day long on the boat (some cruises are booked for the entire day), especially if the time you spend in Santorini is quick. However, the views from the volcano are just the best !

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