Vegan Salad with nuts, red grapes & apple

Paris, France • Published on Friday April 7th, 2017
Salade Raisin, noix & Pomme Vegan

Spring is here and salads also. To prepare your body for this summer, here is some inspiration for your salad bar. This one is vegan, with low calories and greedy.

Salad components:

A Granny Apple, red grapes, salad, nuts and fresh corn (1 tablespoon).

Cut the apple in slices or square, cut red grapes in two and mix everything.

Sauce components:

Nuts oil (2 tablespoon), soja cream (1 tablespoon), 1/2 citrus, salt and pepper.

Toast components:

Bread (here with nuts and honey), some vegan cheese with shallots and chives.

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