Road trip to Saint Barthélémy

Saint Barthélémy, Caraibbean • Published on Monday June 20th, 2016
Stheels Road trip Saint Barthélémy

As some of you might have noticed, I had the luck to organize my holidays on the marvelous island of Saint Barthélémy. This island is precious to me because it belongs to the french archipelago but I also have some family there. I took a plane with my little sister for a road trip  we’ll never forget.

As every journey it starts with some euphoria. We booked our Chauffeur Privé (with STHEELS code we had 15€ offer on our first ride), we locked our suitcases and plane tickets are preciously stocked into our passeports.  Time to leave to the airport for 8 hours of plane until Saint Martin. Travelling to Saint Barthélemy is an experience with such gorgeous landscapes… And the landing is huge, some of you might be afraid but that’s such an experience. I let you discover our video and some pictures I took there.

 Stheels Road trip Saint Barthelemy 1

 Stheels Road trip Saint Barthelemy

 Stheels Road trip Saint Barthelemy 3







 Stheels Road trip Saint Barthelemy 4

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