Parisian dream by Chanel

Published on Monday February 2nd, 2015

The collection called “Rêverie Parisienne” (Parisian Dream) is an ode from the brand Chanel to Paris; it’s a huge dose of freshness and feminity during winter. We are largely tempted by these pink shades to illuminate our faces !


The blush Jardin de Chanel (Chanel’s Garden) is an exclusive creation which catches the sunlight and put it on our cheeks. You can easily recognize the symbole of the Maison Chanel, the camellia to color the cheek with a light and smooth pink.


Chanel uses its famous fragrance called Chance and makes it for hair ! Isn’t it a funny gesture to pur fragrance in our hair ? But it’s really efficient trust me ! Walk on the street, and you’ll leave this fresh and sweet smell everybody will identify as yours. This smell, so unique, will seduce a lot of people, for sure !


This is a new product in the Chanel’s lipsticks line : the Red Allure Velvet. We have not only loved this purple shade, we have also appreciated so much the velvet texture on our lips. The result : mat lips with a long lasting lipstick ! Absolutely perfect for both business and party girls !


Here is another atmosphere ! These Chanel products are more for a party makeup, because it is quite heavy ! A deep look and glamorous lips : success is easy !


Let’s begin by the gloss “shiny lips” from Chanel. The gloss is less popular than the lipstick but some products are absolute must have ! The big advantage of this gloss is it’s botox effect thanks to the reflects. We like the fuchsia color in order to avoid the “little girl” image.


For a perfect black look, we need a precise accessory. This Chanel pen called stylo Ardoise de Chanel is perfectly waterproof and has a thin peak which allow to draw perfect traits. If you chose the gray color, just like we did, it’s going to create a black look with less intensity. It’s easier to wear it and it creates a shiny aspect !


Chanel has two new palettes, and one of them is called Tissé Paris. We can easily play with the 4 shades in order to brighten the look (2 shades at the top of the palette) in the corner of the eye, and to darken it (2 shades at the bottom of the palette) in the exterior. This is a very spring smoky eyes !


For a trendier look, we associate colors ! No more pink shades, we bet on coral and green ! Try it !


The second palette in the line Rêverie Parisienne, is called tissé Fantaisie. The shades are indeed quite original with the following colors : coral, green, brown… but it creates a very modern look of the parisian girl ! Let’s be marginal, let’s be tempted !


The Red Coco Shine plays it casual with a coral shade which is the perfect match with the palette we last talked about. Its hydrating formula allows a daily use for a shiny result ! We love this glittering aspect to give volume to our lips.


Finally, we cover our nails with this green shade to remember the eyeshadow (it can be funny!) with this nail polish called Paradisio in order to obtain a fresh note. I particularly like its pastel and metal aspect which allows to wear it with every single outfits !

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