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Published on Monday October 2nd, 2017

Every year, Octobre means Paris Centre 10k and Odyssea. I always take part of Nike’s race instead of Vincennes for my annual record 10k. But this year Paris Centre will be delayed and I had to run Odyssea’s race with some apprehension because I’m more a road runner than a forest one.

This year my goal was 47’30 which represents 4’45. For me this objective was huge so I followed a specific prep to gain some speed and endurance. First time for me!

Everything was well organized from bibs withdrawal to departure organization. The only think missing is a bag deposal depending on your bib which would help for the organization. I walk close from the departure line and focus on my race with my two beloved pacers.

The beginning of the race was fine and I’m running for 47′ objective instead of 47’30 until the 5th km. The 6th is more difficult and I start feeling some lost of energy, until the 7th where I can recover a bit. My 8th is my worth km, I feel tired but not as bad as usual, at this moment I’m quite sure that my record will be difficult to reach and I have no idea of my results because I’m not allowed to look at my watch. It’s at the 9th km, when I see the Hippodrome that I felt some more energy and I started running at 4’00 speed no matter the pain I was feeling. I will finish the race falling on my knees, out of energy and not even aware of my result. It’s after one entire minute that one of my pacer tells me “Maude, you made it in 47’01!”. I was completely astonished, I was reaching 47’30” and I make 47’00”. Amazing!

Running this race was nice thanks to the woods with dry roads. Hopefully we did not have rain this day!

It’s only in the afternoon that I had my final results and you can’t barely imagine my surprise when I saw 46’57. I was under 47′, sub 47′! I was not even hopping for such a performance and I feel more confident now that I realized that I CAN run fast.

I can still progress and I will, but the difference is that I do believe in my ability to break the next objective!

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