To take care of your skin with charcoal !

Published on Friday July 7th, 2017
Gamme Charbon Sephora

Charcoal is increasingly known for its benefits for the skins ! Indeed, charcoal purifies, detoxifies and cleans our skin very deeply.


Today, we talk about 4 products with charcoal discovered at Sephora, to perfectly take care of your skin in summer and winter! The makeup removing phase is a must, find some advice about it :


The konjac sponge for body and face from Sephora : moisture it under the warm water, it will remove the makeup naturally and kill all the impurities. It limits the sebum effect and prevent the skin from spots. It’s the first step for a good makeup removing !

Its price : 10,95€ (you keep it very long) on



The charcoal micellar makeup remover from the brand Sephora : for the lazy ones, it’s the ideal solution to purify the skin in less than 1 minute. Not only it removes the makeup without having to rinse it, but also the charcoal detoxifies everything. You can use it on your entire face, including the eyes.

Its price : 4,95€, on


The charcoal wipes to remove makeup from Sephora : they have 2 faces, for 2 different actions. The first one scrubs to remove the impurities, the second one leaves your skin soft and removes the last makeup stains.
Their price : 5,95€ on



The makeup remover and scrubbing cream with charcoal from Sephora : after removing makeup with water or micellar water, you can use it. To purify your skin, moisture it, to leave it like silk. The cream is not sticky, you get rid of your sebum, and leaves a perfect and luminous face.

Its price : 5,95€ on


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