Paris Half Marathon – Debriefing

Published on Monday March 19th, 2018

This year I’m preparing a new marathon, Milan’s one. And as every year you have to run a half marathon to test your speed. So I was looking for one at the end of February, early March and that’s the exact moment Overtim’s contacted me to run for them Paris Half Marathon. I was so happy to take the departure of this mythic race.

I was in the 1h40 departure area and looking forward a result of less than 1h45. The first 10k where quite fast (48′) and I also broke my record on 5k. The difficulties started at the 9th kilometer when we were into Paris tunnels (going up and down is so painful for your legs).

But the most difficult part is the Charenton road, it’s climbing a little bit and your legs start hurting. That’s the part when you have to be strong. My speed was so irregular by this time and we had to keep focus from the 13th km to the 19th km. Seeing a friend at the 18th gave me some speed and I even ran my kilometer at 4’40”. It’s at the 20th kilometer when I look at my watch that I realized I was running for 1h38 and few seconds. I was so happy and I finished with an official time of 1h42’58”, 1h42’53” at my watch crossing the line. Tiny difference but nothing I’m looking at when you know that last year I ran it in 1h50’56”.

So happy and looking forward the next one!


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