The Lush must have : bath bombs

Published on Wednesday January 9th, 2019

Lush is the awakening of 5 senses, home made, without packaging and based on natural products!

I have always “traveled in Lush” with the panoply of shampoo, shower product and moisturizing balm. But since then I have learned that we could also “relax in Lush”!

Christmas was an opportunity to discover the legendary bath bombs of the brand. A Santa Claus, glitter bombs, and comforting scents. Nothing better to release the pressure from end of year!

But also to start it well! Because there is something for all tastes, and all occasions, I propose you a top 10 of my favorites.con

1. Dragon’s Egg 

To take party baths full of confetti! And especially for its energizing lemon scent.

2. Twilight

Nothing to do with the movie. But the best way to end a day! As a bonus, we come out of the bath with a pearly skin.

3. Kitsune

For its shape of fox, its perfume and especially its resin of bejoin, anti-inflammatory, perfect after a sport training!

4. Hulder

For its pink and pale green colors which gives the sensation of being in an impressionist painting.

5. Butter Bear

Cocoa butter and ylang-ylang, the perfect combo to face the winter and give you a real cocooning moment.

6. Little Bottle of calm

We can think that it is possible to shrink by putting this bomb in my bath (Alice effect). But finally the effect of this potion is chamomile that soothes instantly.

7. Royalty

The better way to rule on the bathroom! And of course all perfumed with jasmine flower. Royal!

8. Peachy

What do I see ? An emoji in my bath! You’ll be necessarily full of energy !

9. Snowman Bomb

Promise the bath will not cold ! But  its small minty perfume should refresh your mind.

10. The comforter

How to close this ranking on a touch of sweetness! The pair of blackcurrant perfume and cypress essential oil, will help you to let go after a big day!

Bonus: shower bombs

It’s THE revolution. We can now take a shower and enjoy a Lush moment! We advise you Sleepy, to stay on your little cloud!

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