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Published on Wednesday November 1st, 2017

Cryotherapy everyone knows what is about ? For those who want a reminder, the concept consists of cold therapy by immersing his body in an environment at -110 °. So yes, it’s cold, very cold but it’s the basic principle that will allow your body to get all the benefits. This immersion by the cold is controlled since it is a dry cold which is therefore bearable by your body the time of the immersion.

This technique will allow your body to release several components that will have an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect. The absorption of oxygen also increases by 45% during the session which helps in the regeneration of the muscles. This is why many sportsmen and women choose this technique to help their bodies recover quickly from certain efforts, shocks or injuries. However, cryotherapy has several other positive effects on the nervous system and is also recommended in the context of stress, sleep disorders, burn-out and so on.

The CryoBox experience begins when you step through the door. The decoration makes us immediately enter a world purified and relaxing with its white and blue tones. We already imagine ourselves in bathrobes and tap dancing to feel this wave of cold overwhelm us. But first of all, it will be necessary to fill in a medical questionnaire and this part is not to be taken lightly because there are contraindications to the practice of cryotherapy. At CryoBox this stage is digital with an iPad delivered to the reception which is not unpleasant when technology is associated with the administrative.


Once all this regulatory part is done we enter the space of the cryotherapy chamber to change. Privilege the sportswear (sports bras and shorts) and a good pair of socks. Everything must be absolutely dry, including you, so forget your morning shower if you go early in the day.

To protect myself more, I will be equipped with a second pair of socks, a pair of clappers, a pair of sleeves on the forearms (for the women with more fragile skin at this location), a pair of gloves, a headband for the ears and a mask on the face. As much to tell you that for the fashion side we’ll pass ! But you will not regret any of these amenities once in the cold room.  My blood pressure and my body temperature are taken and let’s go.

The little bonus, I’m asked my piece of music on which I will have to walk / waddle (according to your ease in front of the camera) during my session of 3 minutes. I opt for Da Da Ding (a holiday souvenir and a super motivating sport song!). I go through a first airlock at -60 ° before entering the one at 110 ° and let’s go for three minutes. The ground creaks under my feet like when one is mounting to walk on the snow. My first instinct will be to stick my arms to my chest and keep my hands close to the face to retain maximum body heat. You have to walk for three minutes, so I do tricks like a lion in a cage and I listen to the instructions of my accompanists who communicate with me with a pane and a microphone. You should know that you are monitored through the glass but also through a camera which reassures as regards the seriousness of the equipment.


Once the three minutes are done it is the release. I shake like a leaf, my legs sting because of the cold and I find my huge bathrobe with an unnamed pleasure. My body temperature is taken again and I went from 34 ° to 18 ° in the space of 3 minutes. Impressive. It will take me a good quarter of an hour to stop having shaking legs, and a good extra tea to recover the use of my hands.

But then, what is the difference with the “bubbles” of cryotherapy that have emerged for several months in Paris (and elsewhere). Well, it’s quite simple, the difference is that your whole body is immersed (including your head), so it’s a real total body cryotherapy unlike the capsules that they do partial cryotherapy.

Another difference between the CryoBox and other institutes is that there is an osteopath available at the end of the session to assist people in their rehabilitation process. Moreover, the cabinet has a second floor equipped with all the machines necessary for the work of a khiné and an osteo. A real luxury to be able to combine cryotherapy sessions with specific re-education sessions.

Who wants to try total body cryotherapy now?

For that, nothing more simple: go on the site of KOSS PARIS or CRYOBOX!

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