Little Nonna 

12 Avenue Niel, 75017 Paris • Published on Friday March 16th, 2018
little nonna

« Tutto è Fatto in Casa ! », it’s the catch phrase we find on the restaurant home page website. So far, nothing improbable. What is more, it’s the acronym “gluten free” displayed at the top left. So we can cook, Italian food, gluten free and homemade ? Almost too, good to be true. We had to check for you.


12:30, the mission starts. Rendez-vous is given at 12 Avenue Niel in the 17th district. We were asked to arrive at the opening because the restaurant fills up quickly.

From the outside the restaurant looks like a classic bistro but it’s by passing the curtain of the entrance that one arrives in a room with the decoration neo-«Pain Quotidien » with itilian mama kitchen ; shelves filled with bottles of olive oils, limoncello and balsamic cream.


Dishes names are in Italian, pasta, foccacia and even pizza dough are homemade.


At 1 p.m, we get to the substance. While Sergio takes our order, the restaurant is visibly filled. Kids order Bambino menu and business people ask for Prosecco. From that moment, I’m far from imagining that it’s a restaurant that serves gluten-free dishes. But it’s true !

If I had been told that Alla norma fusilli were all but classic, I wouldn’t have believed it. Pizza dough is thin, golden and crispy, and the pasta is fresher than the Barilla from the fresh section of my supermarket.


Special mention for the “veluttata di zuca e Burrata”. In english, a velvety pumpkin, with a creamy burrata in its center as we love it.

Whether it’s the atmosphere of the restaurant or the plate, nothing suggests that they replaced the wheat with rice flour or corn.

1:30 pm: It’s a serious mission and now, it’s time for desserts. We had no choice to crack on the chocolate pizza (without palm oil, it’s written in black and white) and Melograno panna cotta, a pomegranate, announced as “a mouth bomb”. OK, we couldn’t resist the Perfect (organic granola yogurt and dried fruits) and Il famoso Tortino al cioccolato. As written on the menu, I can confirm, translation is not needed.


2 p.m – it’s time for review. It was a bomb. Like the rest of the meal. We have no choice to face the facts ; Little Nonna is the perfect blend of Grandma’s Italian cooking and the modern and healthy vision of the gastronomy from grandson, chef Marco.






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