Less coffee with the Yannoh range of Lima?

Paris • Published on Tuesday February 19th, 2019
Café Vanessa

In 2018, my pace of work and my different sports preparations have made me reduce my working time and increase my coffee consumption with:

– A coffee awakening

– A coffee before 11am

– A coffee to close the lunch

– A coffee before 15h or after 15h if the evening was going to be long

Although I never added sugar or milk to it, I came to understand that what had become a drug could not replace the restorative sleep I needed.

Over time, I forced myself to slow down and sleep more. In a few months I managed to remove the coffee from 11am, then that of 15h and finally that of noon!

But I missed something. A hot drink, something to finish my meal or to give me the impression, during the day, of doing me good.

Maude then offered me to test the new products of the Lima brand; the YanNOh coffee range.


Description: “Yannoh Instant is an instant alternative to coffee, it is a delicious caffeine-free beverage, made from roasted cereals (barley and rye), with chicory and acorns. Because the grains are roasted at a low temperature “

The composition: “roasted chicory *, roasted RYE *, roasted BARLEY *, grilled tassels *” (all from organic farming)

Note that the whole range is organic, gluten free, low in salt, low in saturated fats and obviously without caffeine

Use: instant drink to add in a cup of hot water

The promise: having the ability to completely wean myself off my daily dose of caffeine!

In the field

I get a nice package containing not one but 3 different pots of the range with:

  • Spelt

Composition: * 40% WHEAT SPREADER, chicory *, rye *, barley *, acorns *.

  • Cocoa

Composition: roasted substitute * (chicory *, RYE *, BARLEY *, acorns *), corn syrup powder *, cocoa powder * ° 20% (° = Make trade cocoa)

  • Chai

Composition: corn syrup powder *, roasted substitute * (chicory *, RYE *, BARLEY *, acorns *), ginger * 1%

Time to test

It is 3 pm, I come back from my icy bike ride, I get out of the shower but I feel – 8000 degrees in my body. This is the perfect time to test my first drink at Spelt. I use a cup of hot water and add two teaspoons of the mixture.

– The smell: it almost smells like coffee! The smell is woody and quite pleasant. I suspect the acorn to be there for something

– The taste: not at all that coffee, although a bit bitter. Chicory remains the first perfume in my opinion.

– My opinion: strange at first sip, then appreciable and comforting!

Other products

If I had to rank my preferences, Yannoh Spelt would be first in my list. Then come the cocoa, for its subtle taste and rather light (I would consume more in the morning or afternoon tea) and finally the Chai because unfortunately I do not like this basic flavor but the site of Lima is very well done because he proposes to you to be able to use his products in the following recipe cake of couscous with apple juice (I will replace the classic Yannoh by Yannoh Chaï)!

In the end, I can not, I believe, never do without a tight coffee in a restaurant. By cons, home is the perfect ally for a weaning smooth. And today I appreciate more being able to drink my Yannoh the afternoon than a coffee!

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