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Published on Sunday April 29th, 2018
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Finding the right jean is not an easy task. It’s a lifetime’s quest, especially for those who don’t necessarily like to go shopping. But we know it, it’s a fact, the jean is the most comfy piece, the easiest to wear for men and women. You’re still looking for the jean which will flatter your curves ? No need to panic. Here are some rules to follow in the jean’s adventure :

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Rule 1 : The good jean is not online.

It’s really complicated to find a good jean without trying it on before. Unless you like to spend hours in the post office returning the goods, (when it’s free). You necessarily have to try a jean to see how it fits, and sometimes, you even have to try it for few hours before knowing it’s the good one. The good tip : a jean bought online, ok, but once you already know the size and the shape !


Rule 2 : The perfect jean is not necessarily the most expensive

We know them, the very expensive jeans brands : 7 for all Mankind, Diesel, Joe’s… My absolute favorite jeans, I’ve found the mat Mango and Forever 21. Indeed, most of the expensive jeans have a good cut, a particular care dedicated to the fabric, but it does not mean they’re the perfect shape for you.


Rule 3 : Stabilize your weight before buying it

Don’t look for the perfect jean if you wish to loose or take some weight on. A jean which is not exactly adapted to your size will be out-of-date few months later. And…you’ll have to buy another one. Just wait for the moment when you feel at ease in your body before buying it. Don’t go shopping thinking « ok it does not suit me today, but when I’ll loose these 3 kilos i twill be perfect », no, it never happens this way.


Rule 4 : Don’t blindly buy the same size for all of your jeans

It’s normal than, according to the different brands, and even the different shapes among the brands, you don’t necessarily buy the same size. That’s why we always have to try it one before buying it, a jean which does not fit you perfectly it a jean you won’t wear. I personally have very large hips, and I’ve had very hard times finding good jeans : there’s always the risk to have a big butt or anything else not flattering at all. I had to see the truth ; some brands are made for me, some others are not ! The advantage of the Levi’s jeans is that the line is extremely complete : you have the choice among different colors, shapes, lengths… You’ll necessarily find what you want and need !

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