The new Sephora collection to spoil girlfriend and family

Published on Monday November 26th, 2018

Christmas is coming, so it’s time to make Christmas presents for the whole family and friends. Last year you went there at the last moment and you thought it would be the last time … But you still have not started.

Stheels to decide to help you today to find the perfect gift.

The “owl” clutch

Sephora brings new collections every year. This year the new collection of the name of “ounce upon a night” reference to tales transports us for the holidays of the end of the year.

This collection will be perfect for children. The owl-style pouch contains small shower essentials: a shower balm and a moisturizer to use after a shower. The pouch also contains a white shower flower perfect for showering with the shower balm.

What I liked
– The small size of the cover
– The pouch is reusable, convenient for storing other beauty products

Attention this beautiful wallet is in limited edition, hurry up!

To buy at Sephora for 9,99 €

The midnight wishes eye shadow palette

The palette of eyeshadows made in Sephora with the collection that exalt your wishes with 16 different colors accompanied by a mirror.

Different colors but also different textures of the mats, pearlescent and metallic to adapt to each event of the everyday life.

What I liked
– The choice of colors

To buy at Sephora for 19,99 €

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« Once Upon a Night » in Sephora !

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