Funky Veggie

Paris, France • Published on Monday May 22nd, 2017
Funcky Veggie

If you’re an Instagram addict you might have seen those packaging before. Those balls are vegan, sugar free, colorant free, gluten free, made in France et perfect for your energy. I was obliged to try them! I’ve been using them for cycling where it’s quite dangerous to have a loss of energy.

What about them?

It’s only 90 calories per ball, fibers rich, with veggie proteins and natural sugars. You can also find some minerals inside (vitamine B, magnésium and potassium). Well, all the thing that you are loosing while you’re making a huge effort.

Every ball is dedicated to something:

  • The Coco one for magnésium (take it at the end of your sport session),
  • The Brownie one for vitamine B (before your sport session),
  • The Apple tart one for vitamine C (during your sport session).

My opinion

It’s greedy and easy to eat while your doing some sport. You still have to take some dedicated drinks during hard sessions. For my little and sensitive belly, nothing to say!

More infos

You can order them over there: Funky Veggie, and the brand shares best clients pictures on their packagings (so you might see your face on it).

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