Must-have to take with you on a “backpack” trip!

Published on Wednesday October 11th, 2017

Today more and more people are asking for organic and natural cosmetics: but for those who also want to eradicate packaging and other plastic bottles, solid cosmetics are there to help us protect nature! Another benefit for these cosmetics in this new era? Their convenient format for traveling: The endless search of liquid formats of our favorite products in mini version, and the shampoo that flows in the travel bag: it’s over!

So here is a selection of Lush’s must-sees to get urgently to perfect its panoply of globe-trotter:

The care of the mouth:

Lush offers now a solid toothpaste in the form of small seals: Limelight is synthetic preservative-free, easy to carry, it is a mint toothpaste and essential oils of lemon that leaves a super pleasant taste and very fresh in the mouth. For an optimal teeth wash, add a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster mouthwash for a smile of hell!

Limelight solid toothpaste – Vegan friendly – 8,50 €

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster mouthwash – Vegan friendly – 9,95 € per 45g

A deodorant in spray, roller or cream? You still have not found your happiness that is both effective and pleasant? Aromaco is a solid deodorant in the form of soap: it is very practical and extremely effective even on the most sensitive skin!

The deodorant Aromaco – Vegan friendly – 7,50 € the 100g

To protect your nice gambettes or your neckline from the sun, we propose you to test the first range of solid sun protection! The weather forecast a beautiful sun? Run under the shower and rub the Sunblock against your skin: Eucalyptus and essential oils of chamomile: a real happiness! For the most reluctant who wish to preserve the classic aspect of a sunscreen, we propose you the Million Dollar Moisturizer: This cream dedicated to the face rich decoction of sesame almond and oats possess pigments that reflect the light on the skin: enough to shine a thousand lights 😉

Solar protection SPF 30 the Sunblock – Vegan friendly – 11,95 € per 100g

Sun protection SPF 30 Million Dollar Moisturizer – 49.95 € on 45g

Hair care:

Shampoo in solid form, it frightens you? The small Lullaby shampoo from Lush is to be tested with eyes closed! This 100% natural product will also allow you to space your hair washes. To sublimate your beautiful mane, the Sugar Daddy-O conditioner will allow maximum hydration of your hair thanks to extracts of argan oil and flax seeds.

Lullaby Shampoo – Vegan friendly – 9,50 € the 55g

Sugar Daddy-O Sugar Shampoo – Vegan friendly – 9,50 € per 50g

Face care:

For a deep cleansing of the face without attacking the epidermis, Fresh Farmacy has everything you need for smooth, clean skin: Blue chamomile, lavender and tea tree, a perfect combination for a clean and sublimated skin! Then apply the Full of Grace serum for maximum hydration: this small block will soothe and control any excess sebum.

Fresh Farmacy Facial Cleanser – Vegan friendly – 8,95 € per 100g

Full of Grace Facial serum – Vegan friendly – 14,95 € per 20g


For a baby’s skin, the Buffy body butter to use in the shower is super practical and ultra-moisturizing, we love it!

Buffy Body Butter – Vegan Friendly – 17.95 200g

After a long getaway or a good workout, Lush massage bars each have their own benefits: Hottie will help soothe aching muscles and Wiccy Magic will stimulate blood circulation!

Hottie massage bar – Vegan friendly – 10,95 € per 60g

Wiccy Magic Massage Bar – Vegan friendly – 10,95 € per 70g

Not one or two but three perfumes in one! Lush proposes a trio of small solid fragrances to change according to the days and your desires: mandarins satsuma, bunch of violets or even vanilla, a real pleasure that slips in the pocket and holds very well on the skin!

Perfume Trio Solid Perfume Pyramid n ° 2 – 47,95 €

With the help of Camille de Saint Pierre

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