Running advices: prepare your marathon 1/2

Published on Monday March 13th, 2017

Running a marathon is all about having the good equipment, you can’t come there on the morning with a pair of converse and a simple sport short thinking you will manage easily the 42,195km. This year I prepare my first marathon, the Paris Marathon 2017 so I’ve decided to invest on some essentials. Find out what my 3 main advices are:


The biggest mistake you can make is to keep a brand new pair of shoes for this D Day. Damn no, you have to train on those shoes and see how your body reacts because you can be surprise sometimes with a pair of shoes that fit with a distance and doesn’t with another. Here are my two favorites:

  • Pegasus 33: latest Pegasus model from Nike, these shoes combine both dynamism and and a good capacity to absorb long distance runs. For my part, those shoes are too rigide for a marathon so I will use them for my half marathon.
  • Vomero 12: brand new model launched in 2017 and clearly you feel like in paradise inside. A little bit heavier than the Pegasus ones, it’s still different for your running sensations. Clearly my favorites for Paris Marathon 2017.


Some of you will choose to take only the food and drinks selected by the organisation, others will plan their own ressources. For my part I’ll take some food with me and try them during my long runs trainings. Here is my selection :

  • Anti-oxydation drink: quite useful to nourish your muscles for long and intense efforts. You can take some days before the race, the morning and during the race each 5k. I use this brand available on Amazon for easy delivery.
  • An energy cake: you can try to do it at home or buy it. I personally buy it to be sure that I have enough energy before the race. I’ve selected this lactose and gluten free version. You can only eat one third of the cake and freeze the rest for other races. My small tips is to cook them as muffins, easier to stock.
  • Energy gels: those gels are energy boosters and very usefull during your races. I’ve selected several different ones depending on what I need during the race. Caution, you should try them before the race and use them wisely to provide stomach pains. For my part I’ll be planning on 3/4 gels maximum and the rest with solid food.

And for the essential question, how do I run with all this? Excellent one! Well, several brands offer belts for water and gels. You can select this one, ore simply this one.

Hot news, there’s a complet pack existing with Overstim’s, you can buy it over there.


Painful subject, running means pushing yourself and sometimes having muscles pains. You can often hear “never again” after some races. Well, you’ll be back on races and looking forward new records. But the most important thing is to take care of your body after some races. Here are two tips:

  • Cryotherapy: famous those past few days into the running community, this technics is used for a long time for sports such as rugby or football. Efficient but expensive, I’ve been looking for a great deal for you. And here it is: 20% off + 10€ discount at Pole Cryo Paris. You’ll pay 30€ instead of 50€. For this you must follow this link + enter the code 67CNQTX while you register. You’ll just need to select “use my voucher” while you pay to deduce the 10€ discount. Hurry up, it’ll soon be full.
  • Massages: also useful after a 3 to 5 hours race. Even if it will be painful, you’ll be relaxed after that. Last year I won 2 days for my half marathon recovery just by doing some massages. You can find several massages offers over there, you can also use the code for the 10€ discount mentioned earlier. Caution, it can’t be used twice.

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