How to dress with transparency ?

Published on Wednesday April 4th, 2018
Allison look 2-1

Transparency. Whether it is over a black top, a skirt, a large trouser or a dress used as a skirt just like this last outfit, it always works in terms of effects.

Allison look 2-4

Transparency : when ?

The transparency is perfect to give a look a more « night » aspect, but you can also wear it in daytime. Here, it’s a Mango dress, long, tight, and transparent with plumetis, very trendy this season. It’s an outfit you can wear for mid-season with a large black jumper (here Uniqlo) to make the look more comfy. Some elements to twist this outfit and to turn it into a night one : a little black dress above or underneath the transparent dress to wear it as a real dress.

Allison look 2-3

Transparency : how ?

 Keep it exclusive. We like transparency when it’s discrete not to be too much : it can be a transparent sleeve, a transparent V neck, an underneath dress… When you keep it exceptional, it’s more elegant.

Transparency : on whom?

On everyone ! Transparency is not elitist, if you know yourself in terms of style, morphology, there’s no reason transparency cannot suit you. To get rid of : too tight pieces. The universal piece : the very large transparent top you wear on a black top for a streetwear and chic effect.

Allison look 2-2

Transparency : how much?

You’ll find transparency in all brands, for all prices. You’ll see great pieces at Mango and at Saint Laurent for instance. Here is a selection of affordable pieces to test without go to bankrupcy !

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