Lytess Fit Active Bra

Published on Sunday March 11th, 2018

Do you know the brand Lytess ?

Let’s start with the beginning. The Lytess brand, created in 2003, has become the reference brand and the preferred one on the French cosetotextiles market. What does “cosmetotextile” mean ? A cosmetotextile is a textile article containing a substance or preparation intended to be released durably on the different superficial parts of the epidermis, and claiming particular properties such as cleaning, perfume, appearance modification, protection, state of good repair or correction of body odor. Thanks to this exclusive innovative technology,  Lytess was able to stand out especially through the LYTESS FIT ACTIVE bra that I present to you today.

Then you will certainly tell me : what is so special about that bra? You are certainly not unaware that, during the sporting activity, the tissues of the chest are solicited under the effect of multi-pronged moves. However, thanks to its shaping knit studied for the sport and the diffusion of its microencapsulated assets, the LYTESS FIT ACTIVE bra limits the rebound effect, curves the breast and provides a firming, tightening and toning treatment.

Those are, many reasons to choose this bra to go with both your indoor sports sessions, and your outdoor running sessions.

Modern design and summer color

One thing you must know : I have a D-E cup. I decided to test this bra to see if, whether of not, this bra provide the high breast support preached by the brand are real for generous breast.

First, you must admit that the bra is pretty. You will probably say that this comment is a bit superficial, but this is not insignificant as most sports underwear for cup D and more quickly look like an unfolded parachute.

Another good point ? The coral color (model of photography) ! This makes you feel like it’s summer time, and this color has not bee through the wash, and won’t be !

In addition to that, the bra has a racer back ! This permits a perfect support of your chest and remains feminine thanks to the black seams that highlight the outlines of the bra and therefore highlight the cleavage. This cleavage you will restore hope in your chest, your shapes, because your chest will be well maintained and therefore will be perfectly highlighted.

Who said we could not be athletic and feminine?

A high support quality

In addition to the racer back that I already mentioned, the bra has wide straps and bands under the chest that help for support and comfort, without an over-compression feeling that could be unpleasant.

Moreover, the bra combines three cosmetic actions. How? Via the friction of the tissue on the skin, it breaks the microcapsules and gradually releases the microencapsulated actives. Those three actions are :

  • (1) a firming / firming action thanks to copaïba oil
  • (2) a toning action bursts with the resin of Elemi
  • (3) a moisturizing action thanks to the sweet almond oil

This is a successful cocktail for a tonic breast which won’t be bruised by your sporting activities!

A weakness ?

Even if the support is high-stand, I do not recommend the use of this bra for generous chests during activities like running or step for example that cause multi-pronged moves. However, it suits for all activities such as strengthening muscle, stretching etc …


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