What about Spirulina

Published on Wednesday August 30th, 2017

Spirulina, what’s that?

Its simple, this seaweed is a super-food product interesting nutrition specialists because it could prevent malnutrition. Interesting no?

Spirulina, why?

The seaweed is useful on many points:

  • Source of proteins it represents a good complement for vegetarians and vegans, ideal for muscles,
  • Full of iron. This element is vital for your body and mainly present into red meat, a good alternative for vegans and vegetarians also,
  • Contains beta carotene (30 times more than carrots), ideal for having a perfect skin,
  • Composed of minerals, trace elements ans vitamins.

Amazing for such a tiny seaweed isn’t it?


How to use it?

Its components are ideal for antioxydant properties, but it also helps for your immune system and preventing anemia.

For sports addicts it helps bringing some added proteins for your recovery.

Where to buy?

Several brands are selling those products and my favorite is Overstim’s. You can also buy some spirulina in powder to cook it!

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