After Winter

Published on Monday March 12th, 2018
Allison look 1-2

After Winter…and not Spring yet! This time when you just don’t know what to wear… It’s true that it’s not cold enough to wear warm jumpers + coats, and not hot enough only to wear light jackets.

Here is a mid season outfit, to reproduce easily and to personalize the way you want: a black body, a leather skirt, transparent tights, boots, and a huge coat, here you are!

Allison look 1-4

The leather skirt : a real basic in a wardrobe. It fits a huge jumper, a white shirt, and an oversize t-shirt at the same time.

The colorful coat: in order to break the “all black everything”, bet on the colorful coat in order to make a more vivid outfit. Burgundy is kind of the perfect color because it’s easy to wear, it suits everyone, it fits black and it’s original.

The heels boots: a good means to look taller without wearing stilettos.

The little black bag: here with studs in order to take a rock direction. The size is very good: not too small (you can put more than just a phone inside), not too big (not too heavy).

Hair: For those who may ask, my light color is due to the care “Indian Sun” from Franck Provost. It looks like you come back from holidays, gives light to your face during winter. I strongly recommend it, it’s also very cheap!

Allison look 1-3Allison look 1-1

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